Disclaimer for Units

Disclaimer for all units

By agreement, Thai- Chinese Property Holdings Co., Ltd (“TCPHCL”) has been authorized to use, under a limited license, the trademark or name “Radisson” solely for the purpose of location description in connection with marketing the sale of those Units in “Radisson® Hotel Phuket Phuket Mai Khao Beach” that are offered for sale. Neither Radisson Hotels International Inc., Radisson Hotels Asia Pacific Investments Pte, Ltd, nor any of their respective affiliates (collectively the “Radisson Parties”), is an agent, partner, joint venture or broke of Thai – Chinese Property Holdings Co., Ltd in connection with the development, marketing or sale of any Units in “Radisson ®Hotel Phuket Mai Khao Beach”. TCPHL, being the current owner and developer of the Units, is solely responsible for the development, marketing and sale of the Units.

None of the Radisson Parties has provided or is providing you or any other party with information related to (i) the marketing and sales materials prepared in connection with the Units of “Radisson® Hotel Phuket Phuket Mai Khao Beach” that are part of the project, (ii) the construction of “Radisson® Hotel Phuket Phuket Mai Khao Beach” or the Units that are part of the project, (iii) tax implications related to the ownership of any Unit in the project; (iv) compliance of the project or any Unit in the project with applicable law; or (v) any other fact related to the project or the Units which are part of the project. To the extent that any information related to the matters described in the foregoing sentence is provided to you or any other party, none of the Radisson Parties provides you with any guarantee, warranty or representation of the accuracy or completeness of such information, including without limitation, as to expected or guaranteed rental return.

The relevant Radisson Party is only the appointed hotel manager and provider of the “Radisson” brand to the Units, and the usage of the trademark, mark or name “Radisson” is strictly governed by certain agreements between TCPHCL and Radisson. The trademark, mark, or name “Radisson” are the exclusive properties of Radisson and are not owned or controlled by TCPHCL. The purchasers or owners of Units shall acquire no interest of any kind in the trademark, mark, or name “Radisson “and may not use them in connection with the resale of any Unit, or for any other purpose. The engagement of Radisson as hotel manager and provider of the “Radisson” brand to the Units is not in perpetuity and may end at any time without notice to or consent of the purchasers or owners of the Units in which event the “Radisson” brand will be disassociated from the Units and no reference to “Radisson” brand shall apply to the Units.

In addition, by consenting to TCPHCL’s limited use of the trademark, mark, or name “Radisson”, Radisson does not make any representation, warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the information in this document and Radisson is not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any claim, loss or damage arising out of or related to Information set out in this document.

At the time of printing of this material, TCPHCL’S applications for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval for this “Radisson® Hotel Phuket Phuket Mai Khao Beach” project, and the necessary construction permits to develop such project as a hotel, have already been made, and are under processing with the relevant Thai governmental authorities, Radisson is neither involved, nor does it control or influence this approval process. Kindly check the actual status of the aforementioned approvals and permits with TCPHCL.